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BC000110 BC000110 Colorectal cancer tissue array, including pathology grade, TNM and clinical stage, 85 cases/170 cores, unstained slide
$414.00 $414.00
BN29011a BN29011a Bone marrow, spleen and lymph node tissue array, 33 cases/60 cores, replacing BN29011, unstained slide
$270.00 $270.00
BM241b BM241b Bone marrow tissue array, 12 cases/24 cores, replacing BM241a, unstained slide
$66.00 $66.00
BL1002b BL1002b Bladder cancer and normal tissue array, including pathology grade, TNM and clinical stage, 50 cases/ 100 cores, replacing BL1002a, unstained slide
$306.00 $306.00
ME481e ME481e Primary melanoma with normal skin tissue array, including TNM and clinical stage (AJCC 8.0), 48 cases/48 cores(1.5mm),replacing ME481c, unstained slide
$270.00 $270.00
NB642c NB642c Neuroblastoma and peripheral nerve tissue array, with INSS stage,IHC marker(CD56/CgA) info, 32 cases/64 cores (core size 1.5mm), replacing NB642b, unstained slide
$306.00 $306.00
T243a T243a Soft tissue sarcoma test tissue array,with normal soft tissue as control,TNM/Stage ( AJCC 8th edition), 6 cases/24 cores(corse size 1.5mm), unstained slide
$66.00 $66.00

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